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Oslo Jewish Museum

The Museum opened to the public in 2008, and has since grown to have tree permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, a research department, several education programmes, an extensive collection of artifacts, numerous cultural events, and about 6 000 visitors per year.

The exhibition “The Jewish Year” displays the main Jewish holidays in an interactive way, incorporating games, videos, music, and literature.

“Remember us unto life – Jews in Norway 1940-1945” is the Museum’s Holocaust exhibition. Through individuals’ stories, belongings and photographs, the exhibition shows the lives and fates of some of those murdered, some who escaped, and some who helped supply cover and flight.

“The Shtetl – a lost world” is an exhibition about the shtetls – villages with a predominance of Jewish inhabitants in the former Tsarist Russia. The exhibition tells the story of the Jews from this area that emigrated to Norway – why did they leave, and what kind of life did they leave behind?

The Museum’s collections consist of documentation and artifacts which were either donated to the museum or collected by its staff. As of late 2022 close to 3000 artifacts, consisting of about 1000 units or museum numbers, are documented, registered, and placed in the stacks. All are digitized. The Oslo Jewish Museum is the holder of the correspondence of The Mosaic Congregation and the private archives of several Jewish organizations and individuals. The material is partly organized and cataloged.

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