The women's gallery in the synagogue – as it may once have appeared. Illustration by interior architect Hans Christian E. Thomassen, 2013.

Towards restauration – the hope if restoring the old synagogue in Calmeyers gate 15b, to a whole museum and cultural center

The Oslo Jewish Museum is located in an old synagogue built in 1921. Where there used to be a woman’s gallery, a new floor was added many years ago. Now, the museum shares the building with six music studios on the “new” second floor.

“Our dream for a long time has been to restore the building and bring back the original floor plan. Who knows what we will discover when “opening up” the floors and walls! In 2023, a letter of intent was signed by the owner of the building and the museum, so the ball has finally started rolling. In 2024, the museum is applying for various state and municipality funds, starting to raise funding for the project. We are excited! We will keep AEJM updated on the project.”

The exterior of the old synagogue

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