Norwegian commemoration of the 26th of November 1942

In the Jewish Museum in Oslo, the deportation of the Jews during the Second World War is commemorated on the 26th of November each year – in 2023 on the day 81 years after the ship DS Donau exited Oslo Harbor with the largest group (529 people) of Norwegian Jews that were deported from Norway to concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Poland. Fortunately, many Norwegian Jews also managed to escape to Sweden before or after the deportations, and the theme of this year’s commemoration will be “flight and rescue”. Inger-Lise Rothschild Grusd will talk about the escape of her family to Sweden. Kåre Olsen and Hilde Vesaas, both authors of books documenting the work of helpers during the war, will talk about various rescue missions with Mats Tangestuen, Ademic Director at the museum.

Date & place
Sunday 26th of November, 12:00
The Oslo Jewish Museum, Calmeyers gate 15b, 0183 Oslo