About Us

Since its foundation in 1989 the Association of European Jewish Museums (AEJM) has become a major force in the preservation of Jewish heritage in Europe. Representing more than sixty Jewish museums from all over Europe – from Stockholm to Istanbul, Toledo to Riga, Dublin to Moscow, the Association is actively promoting professional standards and educational activities that help our members to fulfil their task: to preserve the material and intangible Jewish heritage and to create a productive and meaningful discourse about Jewish culture, tradition and history.

Jewish museums are often on the forefront of new developments in museology and museum communication. They create bridges between past and present in fields where particularly sensitive matters are at stake, serving other museums as prototypes for their own efforts and strategies in confronting their challenges.

The AEJM aims to promote cooperation and communication between Jewish museums in Europe and to assist its members in meeting the challenges facing Jewish museums today. The AEJM encourages the exchange of information and ideas among European Jewish museums, provides opportunities for professional development and promotes mutual support and cooperation in a wide range of areas.

Guiding principles for the AEJM

  1. Strengthening professionalization of Jewish museums in Europe

The AEJM aims to stimulate and enhance the appreciation, knowledge, and understanding of Jewish culture, heritage, and history in Europe of both the wider public and museum professionals working in Jewish museums. To achieve this, the AEJM aims to assist its member museums to reach a high quality of professional performance in serving the wider public.

  1. Connecting sources of knowledge

The AEJM believes that sharing and connecting knowledge is vital in terms of strengthening Jewish museums in Europe. Therefore the AEJM supports and encourages networking, communication, and cooperation between European Jewish museums in order to foster exchange of knowledge, mutual support and understanding of common issues and goals, and the preservation of European Jewish heritage.

Aims of the AEJM

  • To stimulate and enhance public appreciation, knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture, heritage and history in Europe
  • To monitor European Jewish material and intangible heritage in Europe, to provide assistance in its preservation, to share this information and make it accessible to the wider public
  • To promote information and understanding by means of publications and other forms of communication on matters concerning Jewish culture and history in Europe
  • To support and encourage networking, communication, and cooperation between European Jewish museums with the intention of exchanging knowledge, providing mutual support, fostering collaboration and a mutual understanding of common issues and goals
  • To assist each member to achieve a high quality of performance in serving the wider public

Objectives of the AEJM

  • To provide educational and training opportunities for curatorial, educational, and other professional staff working in Jewish museums in Europe
  • To organise an Annual Conference, hosted by one of its members each year in a different country
  • To collect and disseminate information in order to provide members with broader perspectives and to highlight opportunities for collaboration through its website, newsletter and mailings
  • To obtain resources from trusts, foundations, national and international governments and institutions to support Members in their development and to execute common projects
  • To seek the co-operation of all interested groups in the effort to achieve the above mentioned objectives and goals.

Contact information

Association of European Jewish Museums
P.O. Box 16737
1001 RE Amsterdam

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