Picture from this year’s event: Mats Tangestuen from the Oslo Jewish Museum in conversation with the two authors Hilde Vesaas. ©Oslo Jewish Museum

Remembering the Norwegian Jewish victims of the Holocaust on the 26th of November

Since 2005, the Oslo Jewish Museum has arranged commemoration events every year on the 26th of November, on the day D/S Donau left Oslo with 529 Jewish prisoners being sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. The largest group of Norwegian Jews was sent with one transportation. Through the years, the museum has organized concerts, panel discussions, eyewitness accounts, talks, and so on.

Picture from this year’s event: Inger-Lise Rothschild Grusd telling the story of her family’s escape in 1942. As a baby, she was taken care of by strangers for a period of time before she was reunited with her parents in Sweden. ©Oslo Jewish Museum

Now, it can be seen that other institutions are organizing commemoration events on the 26th of this year, for example, the National Library. At the Oslo Jewish Museum, we believe that these events contribute to raising awareness of Norwegian-Jewish history in the Norwegian public.

We are already planning the 26th of November event of 2024.