Our Museum is the museum of the Jewish Community of Rome, a unique community been in this city for over twenty-two centuries: this is the topic we decided to work on. But our museum does not belong in a conceptual sense, only to the Jews.It contains a part of the history of Rome. So it is also a civic museum and as such is expected to highlight the relationship between Jews and Romans, seen as a physical place and as a laboratory for coexistence, and as the capital of a nation, Italy, which had for over two thousand years a very special relationship with Judaism.For the quality of the works contained in it, the Jewish Museum of Rome is also a museum of decorative arts.


Jewish Museum Rome
Lungotevere Cenci (Main Synagogue)
00186 Rome
Located in the monumental building of the Great Synagogue, it displays the collections of the Jewish Community of Rome: Roman silverware from the 17th and 18th century, precious textiles from all over Europe, miniated parchments and marble carvings saved when the Cinque Scole, the five synagogues of the Ghetto, were demolished.The didactic itinerary was planned in order to highlight the magnificent artifacts and the precious documents that narrate the over 2000 year old history of the Jews of Rome, the relationship between the Jews and the City, the yearly cycle of Jewish Holidays and the Jewish life cycle. The Museum is a unique place to discover the traditions, religion and history of the Roman Jewry, one of the oldest Jewish Communities of the world.
The Jewish Museum of Rome magnificent collection dating back to the years of the Ghetto ( 1555-1870) includes about 400 silver objects, 900 textiles, 100 marble pieces, besides documents and parchments. There are 7 exhibition rooms, with didactic captions and panels in Italian, English, Hebrew. On show is also a 35' min video A star over the Tiber, the Roman Jews from the Emancipation to today, in Italian and English and the Ancient Marble Gallery. The visit includes the The Great Synagogue and the Spanish Synagogue.

From the collection

Chanukkah lamp
Pietro Zappati, 1761-1763
Donated by Yechiel Di Segni, his brother and his nephew Iosef to
Scola Nuova in 1763
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