Jewish Museum of Greece

The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded nearly 45 years ago, in 1977, to collect, preserve, research and exhibit the material evidence of more than 2,300 years of Jewish life in Greece. At the heart of its mission, as an historical and ethnographic museum, lies the research and presentation of Jewish life and culture, of the history and tradition, of the timeless and multifaceted features of the Greek Jewish Communities.

The Collections and Archives of the JMG contain more than ten thousand artefacts pertaining to the domestic and religious life, as well as the history of the Greek Jews. The permanent home of the Museum houses its rich collections and visitor services in permanent exhibition areas with thematic modular exhibits, an art gallery, a periodic exhibition space, a research library, a space for educational programmes, a photo archive and laboratory and a conservation laboratory.

The JMG initiated Holocaust Education in Greece in 2001 and still works at the forefront of all relevant initiatives and actions. In close cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Education, Secretariat for Religion, the JMG pioneered effective programs for Holocaust Education, teacher training seminars and the creation of new content for schoolbooks.

Since 2004 the JMG organises and conducts seminars for educators of the primary and secondary level, on “Teaching about the Holocaust in Greece”, in Athens and many other Greek cities. Based on the Museum’s unique research and credible results, the Jewish Museum of Greece was declared a Research Center in 2014, by the Greek Parliament.

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