“Jewish Inscriptions”

Continuing its recent successful cultural activities, the Jewish Museum of Greece is presenting the exhibition titled “Jewish Inscriptions”, consisting of selected epigraphic material under a long-term loan with the approval of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and its services. These inscriptions have been included in the museum’s permanent exhibition, strengthening and expanding the broad character of its collections. The inscriptions assist in the exploration of the early settlement of the Jews in Greece not as an isolated historical event, but as an integral component within a wider historical, geographical and chronological context.

The aim of the new museum project, which includes nine (9) selected inscriptions from mainland and island Greece now on display in the museum’s “Makis (Samuel) Matsas and Maurice Saltiel” Hall, is to highlight Greece’s multicultural past, to present the archaeological evidence for one of Europe’s most ancient religious and cultural communities and to contribute to the museum’s desire for continuous and active promotion of inscriptions as significant pieces of historical evidence. The exhibition is accompanied by concise thematic bilingual texts and photographs, which clearly and eloquently reveal various aspects of the social, religious, political and cultural life of the Jewish communities of Late Antiquity. The exhibition also features an installation of the digital edition (e-book) of 108 Jewish inscriptions from Greece, based on the Corpus Inscriptionum Judaicarum Graeciae, a published corpus of Jewish inscriptions from mainland and island Greece.

This new exhibition, as well as the accompanying bilingual catalogue from Melissa Publications, has been financed by the German Federal Foreign Office from the German-Greek Future Fund and with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and its services, which granted permission to exhibit archaeological material under the authority of the Ministry of Culture.

The Jewish Museum of Greece extends its heartfelt thanks to all its partners for their long-term and fruitful cooperation and for their essential support of its work.

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