In the Jewish Museum Trondheim one can explore Jewish history, culture, identity and religious practice in the central and northern part of Norway. The museum has two permanent exhibitions; one is devoted to Jewish life in the Trondheim area, and the second describes the history of Trondheim’s Jewish community with emphasis on the Shoah and presents how the war affected Jews in this area of Norway.  The museum offers a wide range of educational programs. The synagogue and Jewish Museum Trondheim are located in the same building.


Jewish Museum in Trondheim
Arkitekt Christies gate 1B
7012 Trondheim

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The Jewish Museum Trondheim opened in 1997. It was the first minority and immigration museum in Norway. The first exhibition was a cultural gift from the Jewish community in Trondheim to the city of Trondheim on its millennium anniversary. The Jewish Museum Trondheim is located in the same building as the Jewish Community and synagogue. The building itself was built in 1864 to house the first railway station in Trondheim. The Jewish community purchased the building in 1924. It was rebuilt as an orthodox synagogue and ordained in 1925.
The Jewish Museum Trondheims collection consits of documents, photografic material, artifacts, audio and video material. The museum is the holder of the Jewish communities’ correspondence from its establishment until the 1970s, and some of its Judaica. Additionally, the museum has material from Jewish organisations and individuals related to the community. The archive gives an insight into the community’s and members’ everyday life. Moreover it gives an insight into religion, culture and history of the Jews in the area. The museum is in the process of organising, catologising and digitalising the material.

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  1. Jewish traces in Trondheim

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