ANU Museum of the Jewish People

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People is the largest and most comprehensive Jewish museum in the world, becoming the world’s only museum dedicated to celebrating and exploring the diverse experiences, collective accomplishments, and boundless spirit of the Jewish people, told from all perspectives, from biblical times to today. Capping a transformation-al, decade-long, $100 million expansion that triples its gallery space to 72,000 square feet, the renewed museum features four wings spanning three floors. Formerly known as Beit Hatfutsot, the museum embarks on this next chapter with a new name and brand identity by adding “ANU” — Hebrew for “we” or “us” — which embraces and reflects the diversity, nuances, collective spir-it and celebration of the entirety of Jewish peoplehood.

The new museum’s cornerstone experience is conceived as a journey from the top floor (reflection of Jewish identity and culture today) and working your way down to the first floor (the foundations of Judaism)

1. The Mosaic – Modern Jewish Identity and Culture Wing (third floor) — The largest of the three floors, this vast, open wing is dedicated to the vibrant and rich life of the Jewish people today, the diverse forms of Jewish culture in modern times, and the myriad contribution Jews have made to global civilization and culture. Featuring a Jewish Hall of Fame, the gallery showcases Jewish achievement and impact in areas such as dance, theater, film, TV, music, humor, literature, languages and modern art.

2. The Journey – The Jewish Story Through Time Wing (second floor) — This floor is devoted to the full narrative of global Jewry tracing the roots and history of the Jewish people from all corners of the world and from Biblical times through the establishment of the State of Israel to the present; a central, interactive map of Jewish migrations and journeys across the world; the evolution of Jewish faith, thought and creativity.

3. The Foundations – A Common Core, A Universal Message Wing (first floor) — This wing explores the conceptual foundations of Jewish existence, whether uniquely Jewish or common-ly universal. This includes Jewish practice, beliefs and traditions, and the Bible and its influence on world culture, especially as it relates to concepts of justice and liberty

The exhibition also features a suite of engaging, fun, and immersive experiences and displays, delivering the Jewish story at your fingertips. Digital interactives invite visitors to “cook” and dis-cover traditions and innovations in Jewish cuisine from famed chefs, collaborate in creating an original work of art, explore the wisdom and lessons from the Talmud, or simply navigate the endless universe of prominent Jews and their significant contributions to humankind. Users can also create their very own songs mixing tracks by Jewish musicians across all genres, and use VR headsets to journey to hear lullabies from various Jewish cultural across the centuries.

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