The Jewish museum is closed due to renovations and will open in june 2019.

The museum will open in new premises in the Old city of Stockholm, adding another piece to Swedish cultural heritage – the Jewish piece. At the place of the new museum was once a synagogue, but it has also been used as a police station, an auction house and a sailors’ church. Between 1795 and 1870 its function was as synagogue and community building for the Jews of Stockholm. Therefore, moving in there is a bit like returning home for a museum whose task it is to depict Swedish-Jewish history and culture.


Jewish Museum in Stockholm
Själagårdsgatan 19
111 31 Stockholm
Postal address: Box 2056, 103 12 Stockholm

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+46 8 30 15 00
The museum was founded in 1987 by its former director Aron Neuman who, together with his wife Viola, provided the funds necessary to get the museum started in the Stockholm harbor area. The museum, which was the first Jewish museum in the Nordic countries, is a member of the Swedish Association of Museums and of AEJM (Association of European Jewish Museums). Since 1992 the museum has been located in Stockholm at Hälsingegatan 2 in a general building. In 1994 the museum was chosen to receive the “museum of the year” award. Please find more information through, English version: About the museum.
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The Museum has a Jewel like smaller collection of excellent quality. Highlights: Case with two pointers and a torah shield with three hanging ornaments made for the inauguration of Norrköping Synagogue 1825/26. Galician Torah Shield with four animals on the sides 1806-1807 and a Galician Torah Crown – silver with precious stones, Lemberg end of 18th century – both magnificent. Swedish Torah Shield, German style, 1796 – an important piece. Sampler with Latin and Hebrew letters – needlepoint 1805. Etc.

From the collection

Galician Torah Crown
silver with precious stones
Lemberg, end of 18th century
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