Advisory Visits Grant Programme – 2018

The Advisory Visits Grant Programme (AVGP) is developed to assist AEJM members in need of consultancy by museum experts. The AVGP offers small grants to support member museums in need of consultancy on specific key-issues for Jewish museums. By this means, the AEJM is able to provide its member institutions with expert advice and in house-training through the support of visits by museum experts to its grantees.

Below a short report on the three advisory visits that took place in 2018:

  1. Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam

Thamar Bernett, educator at Jewish Museum London, and Zuzana Pavlovska, educator at Jewish Museum Praque, visited the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam. Together they advised good practice when setting up and running a Holocaust Learning Programme and brainstormed about ideas on how to approach and integrate Jewish Values. The museum experts shared how the Holocaust is taught in a Jewish setting in London and Prague and explored how similar approaches could be implemented in the Amsterdam context.

  1. Jewish Museum of Turkey, Istanbul

Manfred Levy, educator at the Jewish Museum Frankfurt visited the Jewish Museum of Turkey in Istanbul to advise on educational programmes for children. According to director and main educator Nisya Allovi “Manfred has been very helpful in this organization. He has brought us together and gave us good examples of how we can create workshops for children of different age groups.”

  1. Jewish Museum Venice, Venice

Dr. Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, freelance curator, researcher, university lecturer and museum consultant, visited the Jewish Museum in Venice to help curator Marcella Ansaldi to research and indentify 20 metal objects from the collection. Andaldi: “The advisory visit proved to be an extraordinarily positive exercise for the whole staff of the Museum. Over two days of intense work, some 20 metal artefacts (silver, silver gilt and alloy) were analytically studied, and a data-card compiled for each, with the inventory no. of the object, description, material, hallmark, manufacture, date, and dimensions. Inscriptions, where present, were transcribed and translated.”

Information on how to apply for the 2019 Advisory Visits Grant Programme will follow soon!


Photo: Keter Torah/Torah Crown, inv. No. 150, from the collection of the Jewish Museum Venice