‘What’s New, What’s Next?’ Online Conference

Innovative Methods, New Sources and Paradigm Shifts in Jewish Studies

Organisers: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, within the Global Education Outreach Program
Dates: 3-7 October, 2021
Location: Online

At the heart of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a multimedia narrative exhibition that draws upon the best recent scholarship in a broad range of disciplines. Scholars in Poland, Israel, and North America collaborated on the creation of an open historical narrative that begins in the 10th century and comes forward to the present.

The exhibition raises many of the methodological and theoretical issues central to Jewish studies today and serves as the inspiration for What’s New, What’s Next? Innovative Methods, New Sources, and Paradigm Shifts in Jewish Studies. This interdisciplinary conference will bring together scholars in a wide range of fields: anthropology, sociology, history, memory studies, museology, art history, and political science, among others.

What constitutes Jewish studies today and in which direction should we be heading? Which paradigms are guiding the field today? How are theoretical and methodological developments in the humanities and social sciences shaping Jewish studies? How are scholars working in a broad range of disciplines – history, social sciences, literature, visual and performing arts, and other disciplines – contributing to the field? What are interdisciplinary approaches contributing to the field? What is the impact of studies of Jewish life in the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth on a wider understanding of world history?

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Contact: whatsnewconference@polin.pl