Return to Ferrara. The universe of Leo Contini Lampronti

National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah-MEIS, Ferrara (Italy)
November the 9th, 2023 / February the 4th 2024

The exhibition Return to Ferrara. The universe of Leo Contini Lampronti, curated by Hava Contini and Yael Sonnino-Levy, is a path leading to the discovery of an eclectic, ironic and highly imaginative artist.

Leo Contini Lampronti was born in Nice in 1939. Although the family was originally from Ferrara, he moved to Tel Aviv after his degree in nuclear engineering. In Israel, he explored and experimented with several forms and techniques, devoting himself entirely to art, comparing languages, words, and worlds.

His production ranges from drawings, Judaica (Jewish ritual objects), sculptures, paintings, and original creations – including tototomies, anasculptures and ARKS. The lasting bond with a physical and metaphysical Ferrara, his parents’ city, re-lives in his canvases in a happy and original manner, maintaining his mysterious appeal, lingering through time.
The MEIS exhibition honours the artist who died in 2020 and whose story is a piece of the 20th-century history of Italian Jewry.