The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora. New Christians, Crypto Jews, Marranos, “People of the Nation”

The Hagadá Association, responsible for installing and managing the Tikvá Museu Judaico Lisboa in Lisbon, has joined the Paris-based publisher Chandeigne in the Portuguese version of the exhibition “The Portuguese Jewish Diaspora.” Authored by the researcher Livia Parnes, the exhibition evokes a theme that the Tikvá Museu Judaico will also address in detail, with expressive objects of a time when the contribution of those exiled by the Portuguese Inquisition played a decisive role on a global scale in the field of culture, trade and within Judaism itself.

Besides having traveled through various cultural institutions in France, the exhibition has already been on display from 12 to 29 October 2022, in Lisbon, at the Palácio Galveias Library, Lisbon, at the Covilhã Museum from 10 to 24 May 2023, and it is, since 3 September, at Interpretation Center of the Jewish Community of Torres Vedras. Over the course of this year, several other municipalities will also host this traveling exhibition.

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