The Board of the Association of European Jewish Museums welcomes the decision of the selection committee to confirm the reappointment of Professor Dariusz Stola as director of Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. We are delighted that Professor Stola’s achievements in his very successful first term are being recognised.

Polin Museum is one of the most important Jewish museums in Europe and the world. Opened just a few years ago, it has earned international praise from experts and visitors alike, including winning various major European museum awards. It has been honoured for its permanent exhibition as well as for outstanding educational and cultural programs, temporary exhibitions and international academic partnerships. Such a series of successes would have been impossible without the leadership of Professor Dariusz Stola.

We are therefore extremely surprised that Professor Stola has not yet been reappointed to the position of the director of the Polin Museum. In order for the museum to function it is vital that the selection process is finalised and that Professor Stola’s appointment is confirmed. We cannot understand this delay and hope that the Minister of Cultural and National Heritage will resolve it soon.