Podium discussion: Who does history belong to and who recounts it?

The last eyewitnesses of the Holocaust have been making their appearance in the Burgtheater, but soon it will no longer be possible to speak with the them and hear their recollections and stories at first hand. The podium guests will discuss the possibilities and limits of communication without eyewitnesses and the ways in which memorials and Jewish museums can or should work together when the individual memory becomes a cultural one.

The event is part of the 2015 AEJM Educators Training Programme and will be in English.

When: Tuesday, 13 Oct 18:30
Location: Museum Dorotheergasse

Free admission from 6.15 pm
Booking requested, tel.: 535 04 31-110 or e-mail: events@jmw.at

Participants: Christian Dürr / Mauthausen Memorial, Werner Dreier / erinnern.at, Hannah Landsmann / Jewish Museum Vienna

Moderator: Dan Fischman / Jewish Museum Vienna

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