How to – Navigate on the New AEJM Website

Our new website comprises a handful of sections that define its primary structure. The feed on the home page is the heart of the site, as all current posts that are spotlighted are shown here. All news posts of the AEJM as well as a selection of posts of the members are displayed in the feed. It also functions as an Archive and saves posts for up to two years.

A filtered categorization of the events can be found on the Events page. There you get an overview of the main events of the AEJM, such as the Educational Programs (MEST), the Curatorial Programs (CEP) & the Annual Conference. Here you can also find posts about events related to the AEJM.

On the Members page, there is the possibility to search for all members via a list or a map function. In addition, all members have a page where central information and pictures about the institutions are displayed, and contact information can be found. Changes for this page can be requested from AEJM via the Member Area.

The Member Area, which can only be accessed through a login, contains the following functions:

  • Requests to change the Member Page
  • Add projects posts, exhibition posts, news items & job offers
  • Participate in the AEJM Forum
  • Request user account for colleagues
  • Find a colleague function

For all AEJM members who would like to get a deeper insight into using the Member Area, there will be a Zoom workshop on February 28 from 12:00 AM to 01:00 PM /CET.

To register for this, please write a short mail to