Annual Conference 2020: online programme

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the AEJM decided to cancel the annual conference in Moscow, which was supposed to take place in November, 2020. As an alternative, AEJM organised several online meetings, presentations and workshops throughout the year.

Thursday 7 may
How the pandemic is affecting our museums. Please find the recording of this session here.

Tuesday 30 June 
Fundraising – Emile Schrijver
 (Jewish Cultural Quarter, Amsterdam)
Many museums face enormous challenges, now that regular revenue-based income has come to a halt or is reduced considerably. This puts new emphasis on fundraising skills of our institutions. Our chair, Emile Schrijver, will introduce this topic and discuss opportunities and challenges. Watch the recording of the presentation here.

Wednesday 23 September – 3 PM CET
Workshop Online programming, Education, public engagement – Lucja Koch & Malgorzata Zajac (POLIN)
It goes without saying that in times of social distancing museum’s efforts in education will have to make at least a partial shift to digital platforms. How can we engage our young audiences, and likewise, how can we engage our older audiences? Watch the recording of the programme here.

Wednesday 14 October – 3 PM CET
Curatorial (Provenance) – Christina Meri (Jewish Museum of Greece)
Our first curatorial online discussion will deal with the issue of provenance research and its ever-growing relevance for our work. What do the evolving insights in reconstruction and the improving opportunities to do online research into provenance of objects in our collections mean for our curatorial work. Lead by Christina Meri, with Linda Wiesner (Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt) Anna-Carolin Augustin (German Historical Institute, DC) and Julie-Marthe Cohen (Jewish Historical Museum).

AEJM Annual Conference 2020

Wednesday 18 November – 11 AM CET
The presence of the Holocaust in European Jewish Museums –
Emile Schrijver (Jewish Cultural Quarter)
The original overall theme for the Moscow conference was the presence of the Holocaust in Jewish museums. Emile Schrijver lead a conversation on this topic with Amedeo Spagnoletto (Director MEIS) and Barbara Cuglietta (Director Jewish Museum of Belgium). Watch the recording of the session here.

Wednesday 18 November – 2 PM CET
Project Slam 
AEJM organized a number of online project presentations, mimicking the project slam of our conferences and moderated by Christina Meri (Jewish Museum of Greece). Two institutions have applied for AEJM membership and will present themselves, amongst other presentations. Watch the recording of the presentations here.

Wednesday 9 December – 3 PM CET
Looking back and ahead
This final plenary session will review this difficult year for so many of our museums. In it, our membership will also be given the opportunity to suggest further online activities for 2021 as well as expectations of AEJM in structuring our activities in a new global reality.

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