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CEP 2022: material

The AEJM Curatorial Education Program 2022 took place from November 14th until November 18th. Our home base was Vienna, and the main host was the Jewish Museum Vienna under the new directorship of Barbara Staudinger. The focus of the hands-on workshops was on its rich collection of Viennensia and Burgendlandesia, as well as what remained of the old Jewish Museum. An excursion to Bratislava to the collections of the Jewish Community Museum and the Museum of Jewish Culture broadened the view of Slovak Jewish cultural heritage, while a trip to Eisenstadt to the Austrian Jewish Museum with the Wolf Collection and to the Waldfriedhof in Kobersdorf offered insight into the destroyed Pannonian Jewish culture. Visits to the Vienna City Temple, the Muzicant Collection, and the Vienna Central Cemetery Jewish Section rounded off the insight into this historical part of a common Jewish cultural area. A visit to the exhibition “Disposing of Hitler?” at the House of Austrian History also provided an opportunity for discussion on how museums deal with objects from the Nazi era.
For the uncomplicated and friendly cooperation, we would like to thank:

  • Barbara Staudinger and her team
  • Ariel Muzicant
  • Maroš Borský
  • Michal Vanek
  • Johannes Reiss
  • Monika Sommer
  • Tim Corbett

    ©M. Feurstein-Prasser

The main focus of CEP 2022 was on Austrian and Pannonian Jewish material culture. Regarding the task, the participants could choose an object of their choice in pairs, on which they were to work on questions of materiality, identification and attribution, functionality, authenticity, historical framework and/or iconography.

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