MEST 2021: Thinking Routines

Developed and designed at Project Zero, Harvard, Visible Thinking is a broad and flexible framework for enriching learning. Central to Visible Thinking are Thinking Routines: practices that help to make thinking visible. Visible Thinking aims to provoke and challenge perceptions acting as catalysts to deeper conversations and thinking, encouraging and promoting curiosity.

Encouraging fresh perspectives and offering new ways to engage your visitors the three-week The Art of Slowing Down: Using Thinking Routines to Explore Objects, Art and Artefacts course aims to introduce participants to Thinking Routines. We hope to

  • Spark curiosity
  • Develop ways of looking and seeing
  • Uncover and make connections
  • Offer opportunities to practice and share reflections
  • Inspire a sense of discovery in a relaxed environment

Each 1.5h live session will introduce the group to two new thinking routines. Together, we will explore objects, art, artefacts and ephemera held in participants’ Museum and Heritage collections using thinking routines to scaffold our investigation. Participants are required to join all 3 sessions. A toolkit including background reading and Thinking Routines will be available for participants to use in their own organisations.

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Course Dates

Tue 1 June, 14:00-16:00 CET

Tue 8 June, 14:00-16:00 CET

Tue 15 June, 14:00-16:00 CET


Workshop leader

Tali Krikler (UK) is an experienced learning producer, project manager and evaluator. She is the former Head of Learning at the Jewish Museum London and a qualified primary teacher specialising in Early Years learning. She has experience in designing and delivering a broad range of projects particularly within formal and informal learning settings.





There is a limited no. of places available for this online course. Registration is open until 26 May. Please note that participants are required to join all 3 sessions. Don’t forget to list your motivation for participation!

Selected participants will receive a confirmation of their participation by 27 May.

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Initiated by POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and Oslo Jewish Museum, AEJM’s Museum Education Seminars and Training (MEST) is a new professional development programme that addresses educators from Jewish museums in Europe. The programme consists of a series of online activities, comprising interactive workshops and lectures, exchange of best practice, and peer-to-peer support and network opportunities. Jewish Museum in Trondheim holds a role of as a partner in the programme.

The MEST is curated and produced by Eva Koppen. For more information please contact


MEST is part of the Jewish Cultural Heritage Project supported by the EEA Grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and by the state budget of Poland.



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