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Curatorial Meeting on Provenance Research

We kindly invite you to join our online meeting on the topic of provenance research which will be organized on Wednesday, 14 October, 3:00 – 4:30 PM CET by Christina Meri (Jewish Museum of Greece). This meeting is intended for museum curators and all interested parties.

It will deal with the issue of provenance research and its ever-growing relevance for our museums: What do the evolving insights in reconstruction and the improving opportunities to do online research into provenance of objects in our collections mean for our curatorial work?

The meeting consists of two parts:

During the first part of the online meeting, we will get insights into provenance research projects conducted at Jewish museums, by Linda Wiesner (Jewish Museum Frankfurt): „Many Questions, few Answers: Provenance Research on Judaica Objects. Case Studies from the Jewish Museum Frankfurt“ and Dr. Anna Augustin (formerly Jewish Museum Berlin) “Tracing Judaica Provenances, Exploring Contexts: Insights into Everyday Research with and without Objects”.

In the second part of the online meeting, starting at 4:00 PM, we want to investigate the possibility to establish a joint project on Judaica research, offered to AEJM and associated members. Main goal of the enterprise will be the establishment of a “lost-and-found” database regarding Jewish material culture. This extended database will not be restricted to objects only, but include materials like photos, books, archival material and links to relevant sources. Julie-Marthe Cohen (Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam) will give a hands-on-introduction to the use of the museological database which is to be modified according to the needs of the interested parties.

Registration for the online meeting is appreciated, please find the registration form here.

Please join the ZOOM meeting through this link.
Meeting ID: 895 1269 2808
Password: 998158

To prepare yourself for this meeting, please read the questionnaire below which should serve us to reflect on the history of our collections, the losts and the founds alike.

Museum history

  • Is your collection or part of your collection linked to a pre-war institution or a collection that was looted by the Nazis or was nationalized?
  • Was that historic collection looted / nationalized – in part or in total?
  • Are details known?
  • Has that collection been restituted – in part or in total?

Provenance/Quovadience research

  • Has / is your museum actively been / working on provenance / quovadience research related to Judaica or art objects in your collection?
  • Has a pre-war inventory been established – in part or in total?
  • Is your museum working on a database of war related objects?
  • Has your museum published any findings on provenance of objects?
  • If there was a lost-and-found website for AEJM – and associate members – under what circumstances would your institution join in? What would be your needs?

We are looking forward to meeting you on ZOOM October 14!

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