CEP Webinar 2021: material

Oct. 11 to Oct. 15. 2021

Webinar 2021 Programme

The 2021 Curatorial Education Programme (CEP) was again held as a webinar.

The focus will be on Italian Judaica and Hebraica on the one hand, and on Polish/Galician/Ukrainian Judaica and Hebraica on the other.

As last year, we will again use historical textual material for this purpose. Since most of the basic texts for these areas have also been published in German-language periodicals, we will once again arrange for the translation of essential contributions into English. As last year, we will also work on this material in pairs.

Furthermore, this time there will be an excursus on questions of terminology relevant for Judaica databases and inventory systems, and insights into new technological applications in the world of Jewish museums.

Webinar 2021 Results

The focus of the webinar CEP 2021 was on German-language historical publications about objects and settings in Eastern Europe and Italy. The translated source texts were sent to participating curators and were linked to concrete tasks in relation to their collection holdings. The task was to not only study the translated material relevant to their collection area in each case, but also to engage with examples from their holdings that reflected these texts, to classify them historically and regionally, to analyze their meaning, to examine the texts in the light of the present, and possibly to discuss relevant research questions. The task also included compilation of biographies of the historical authors.

The translations into English were made possible thanks to the funding of the German Foreign Ministry. They are herewith made available publicly and can be found here. The original articles (in German) can be found on this page.

The essays of the participants are available to all AEJM members, and can be found below after logging in with your AEJM account.

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