AEJM Board Statement on the Terrorist Attacks in Israel

The Board of the Association of European Jewish Museums expresses its deepest condolences and solidarity with the people of Israel in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks. The AEJM is concerned about the traumatic effects of the massacres in the Jewish world, condemns the threats directed towards Jews and Jewish organizations in the Diaspora and supports every diplomatic and international effort to release the hostages and to avoid the death of civilians in Gaza. In these times of mourning and fear, we call for unity and support within our organization and beyond as we work together to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, and we are committed to contributing to a future where all people can live without fear and in harmony. Our mission and tasks as Jewish Museum professionals are more important than ever: let us continue to build bridges, foster understanding for Jewish heritage and culture, and promote cultural exchange as we strive for a more peaceful world.