The Jewish Museum of Belgium revisits its collections!

From cradle to grave, religious life is governed by laws and customs. These traditions are present in everyday life as well as during rites of passage and celebrations marking the Jewish year.

Both special and universal, these rites allow everyone to mark the important moments of life. They also make it possible to establish a bond at the heart of a collective, as well as with the sacred.

The exhibition begins with the story of a modest synagogue inaugurated in Molenbeek in 1946, illuminating the journey of a family and a community after the Second World War. The rites within the synagogue, as well as the musical traditions of East and West which are attached to it, are brought to light.

This exhibition is an evolving and dynamic project and will allow you to discover throughout the year, new themes, masterpieces of our collections and music related to the traditional Jewish world.

Commissioner: Zahava Seewald, MJB Curator