Oded Ezer: The Samsa Enigma

Inspired by Kafka’s story The Metamorphosis, the leading Israeli typographer Oded Ezer provides a fascinating rendition on the theme of Gregor Samsa’s ‘re-metamorphosis’. This exhibition of covers for 24 unpublished books shows Gregor Samsa as a prolific author of literary works which – unlike those of Kafka – were never rescued. What do we know of Gregor Samsa’s life and his thoughts. The books on display have their covers and titles, but all their pages are empty… Kafka’s story, which from the very outset has ignited the imagination of readers and authors alike, is now revived in Ezer’s drawings.

Guided tours on June 6 (as part of Prague Museum Night) and June 26 provided by the exhibition curator Michaela Sidenberg.