New temporary exhibition: CASE DI VITA. Synagogues and Cemeteries in Italy

The exhibition Case di vita, curated by Andrea Morpurgo and Amedeo Spagnoletto, offers an innovative in-depth approach focussing on the architecture, rituals, and the roles played by both synagogues and Jewish cemeteries in the Jewish Community.
The exhibition shows visitors into the specifically Italian nature of these two places, while describing the over two thousand years of history of the country’s Jewish community. Synagogues and cemeteries are the centre of Jewish life and witnessed the main holidays, rites, weddings, births, and deaths. Meetings, social life, and the creation of a sense of community take place in these spaces. The history of cities and of human beings intertwine in the exhibition, through their original architecture, artefacts that are passed down in and between families, and are on display for this exceptional event including prestigious loans such as the Aron ha-Qodesh, the holy Ark of the Vercelli Jewish Community as well as the many precious documents from both State Archives and Italian Jewish Communities.