Jewish Berlin in Narratives: Mine, Yours, Ours?

On the occasion of 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany, the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Community of Berlin and the 25th (plus 1) anniversary of the Centrum Judaicum

we are unfolding a mosaic of narratives, experiences, feelings and emotions. Everything centers on individual perspectives and personal relationships.

What do Jewish Berlin and its history mean to each of us today? The exhibition explores, discovers and reflects on the history and narratives of Jewish Berlin through the multifaceted lens of today’s Berliners. People tell stories about other people, about the city’s past and institutions – and in their stories they inevitably tell us about themselves too.

In a ‘narrative kaleidoscope’, Berliners share the stories of their relationships that best summarise ‘their Jewish Berlin’ with the help of objects, texts and / or short video sequences. (Everyday) objects, photos, paintings, memories and family biographies become vehicles for recalling history. In the polyphonic video installation Berlin Jewish Worlds since 1800, Berliners present profound insights into Berlin’s Jewish past and present.

‘Mine, Yours, Ours?’ additionally raises the question of which individual and collective ties and connections exist. At the same time, the exhibition asks who can, should, and may narrate the stories of the past as well as interpret it – and, not least, under which conditions. Accordingly, the concluding discussion ‘Jewish Berlin – Mine, Yours, Ours’ focuses on differences and commonalities in perspectives, interpretations and memories.

Not only people who understand Jewish Berlin as their own family biography are represented among the invited, but also Jewish and non-Jewish Berliners with different backgrounds and places of birth. In this way, the Jewish past converges with today’s diverse Berlin. We hope you share our fascination for this symphony of diverse voices!

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