Alfred Eisenstaedt. The Father of Photojournalism

Alfred Eisenstaedt is an acknowledged art classic of the last century who changed the concept of the photojournalism and influenced its development in the world. His name is inseparably associated with the history of Life, the American news magazine; Eisenstaedt was his leading photographer from the moment of the magazine launch in 1936. During the decades of collaboration with the edition Eisenstaedt created around 90 covers of the iconic magazine and thousands of published in it photos. A considerable part of his artistic heritage is a portrait gallery of Bohemia people, scientists and politicians. The iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Salvador Dali and Gala, Albert Einstein, Katherine Hepburn, Thomas Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, John Kennedy and many others. The photo ‘Victory Over Japan Day on Time Square’ (1945) taken by Eisenstaedt was also published for the first time in Life and later it became one of the signature works in the history of photojournalism which united both actuality and artistry.

More than 50 photos of the master who developed his own unique style during the years of his work for Life will be shown at the exhibition: Alfred Eisenstaedt. The Father of Photojournalism. The exposition will feature the first sold by Eisenstaedt photo – ‘Woman Playing Tennis’ (1927), the canonical photos of the prewar period – ‘Hitler And Mussolini Meeting’ (1934) and ‘Joseph Goebbels Portrait’ (1933), and also his later works of the end of the 70s. An educational program will be held during the exhibition.