Ram Katzir. Belonging

It’s easy to forget that it is our subjectivity that colors the world.My work is a reminder of that, and perhaps helps to disentangle projection from perception.

Ram Katzir was born in Israel in 1969 and moved to The Netherlands at age 15. For the past thirty years, Katzir has lived in both countries. The search for home, be it a physical or spiritual one, is a recurring theme in Katzir’s oeuvre. The title BeLongingcarries within it the paradox of feeling both in and out of place.

Katzir’s practice subverts expectations, surprising and disorienting the spectator. His images often have a dualistic nature: inside is outside, the tragic is comical, and what seems far away is actually very near. The result is a world in which the foreign and the familiar coexist in unexpected ways.

On the occasion of the recent addition of Portable Wailing Wall to the JHM museum collection, the museum is showing seven works in different media by Ram Katzir. These artworks will be shown in the JHM Art Gallery, the Mikveh,

and also in the Great Synagogue. Furthermore, the JHM Children’s Museum permanently houses several commissioned artworks by Katzir (2006).