Dear all, You can now sign up for the one-day online alternative to the postponed AEJM Annual Conference of 2021. There will be no need to purchase a ticket for this event – the programme we offer is free of charge for AEJM members as well as for external guests wishing to join us. The Annual General Meeting for AEJM members will take a similar form as last year in the afternoon. Registration for the event is required and is open… | Read more »

Update from the Jewish Museum London

In March 2020, just as Covid-19 arrived in the UK, the Jewish Museum London announced its new Interim Director, Frances Jeens. The Museum quickly refocused its programme online, with an emphasis on its award-winning education offer, which Frances had led for the past seven years.  Throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns the Museum kept a focus on its core work with partner organisations to serve the needs of teachers, families, community groups and mental health charities. In July 2020 the Museum appointed… | Read more »

Presented by: Center for Jewish History & jMUSE Date: Sunday, October 17, 2021. Location: Online International Symposium Confronting Antisemitism’s unprecedented, public, international gathering of cultural leaders, scholars, and experts will offer cutting-edge analysis and strategies; identify a landscape of possible initiatives and actions; and galvanize the community. Distinguished speakers’ insights and experiences will catalyze cultural institutions to take a new, crucial role in empowering members of the public to confront antisemitism and, ultimately, to achieve new understanding. As trusted public institutions with diverse audiences,… | Read more »

Jewish Soldiers & Fighters in WWII

Organised by: The Blavatnik Archive Foundation & jMUSE Dates: November 14-15, 2021 Location: Online International Virtual Conference Amidst the bloodshed and destruction of World War II, nearly 1.5 million Jewish men and women made vital contributions to the Allied war effort against Adolf Hitler and the Axis powers. However, despite the large volume of World War II research, books, movies, and other works, the very fact of these 1.5 million “Jewish soldiers” remains virtually unknown. In November 2021, leading experts… | Read more »

The below text in memory of Dr. Katia Guth-Dreyfus is in German.  Die Mitarbeitenden des Jüdischen Museums der Schweiz trauern um ihre Gründungsdirektorin, Dr. Katia Guth-Dreyfus, die über ein halbes Jahrhundert lang Basel um eine einzigartige Kultureinrichtung bereichert hat. Katia Dreyfus wurde 1926 in Basel als Tochter von Vera und Paul Dreyfus-de Gunzburg geboren. Sie besuchte ab 1937 das Leonards Mädchengymnasium und studierte ab 1945 Kunstgeschichte und Archäologie an der Universität Basel. Ihr Studium führte sie an die Universität in… | Read more »