Zygmunt Stępiński new Director POLIN

The Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage Professor Piotr Gliński appointed Zygmunt Stępiński for the post of Director of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Since February 2019, Stępiński was Acting Director of POLIN. His three-year term will commence on 1 March 2020 and will draw to an end on 28 February 2023. For more information on the Stępiński’s appointment, please read the full article on POLIN’s website.   Photo: M. Starowieyska/POLIN Museum

The Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the appointments of Carmen Álvarez Nogales as the new director of the Sephardic Museum in Toledo. Alvarez has been involved in the museum as curator and manager for many years and is a familiar face within the AEJM community, in particular after co-coordinating the AEJM Annual Conference 2017 in Toledo. She will take over the director’s position that was left vacant after her predecessor Santiago Palomera Plaza passed away last August…. | Read more »

MEIS is looking for a new Director

The Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS) in Ferrara published a call for applications for the position of Director of the museum. MEIS aims at bearing witness to the events that have characterized the two millennia of Jewish presence in Italy, raising awareness of the history, philosophy and culture of Italian Judaism from its origins, with particular emphasis on evidence of racial persecutions and the Holocaust, and on promoting the values of peace and brotherhood among peoples and… | Read more »

Update 12 March: with an eye to the COVID-19 outbreak (corona virus) this event has been cancelled by its organisers.    The past ten years have seen attacks on Jewish institutions in various European cities, and Jews have been verbally and physically attacked with violence. In the year of its reopening, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt is consequently evaluating the situation of Jewish life in Europe. The symposium reflects on the paradoxical developments characteristic of the European Jewish diaspora. On the… | Read more »

CAJM Conference 2020

Museums 2020: Essential Conversations The Council of American Jewish Museums is excited to convene its next annual conference in Dallas, Texas from Feb 22-25, 2020 on the theme of “Museums 2020: Essential Conversations.” The conference will explore some of the most vital, difficult, and essential conversations for our museums to have in the year 2020. Jewish museums are natural centers for the understanding and exploration of today’s critical issues – including religion, immigration, persecution, antisemitism, human rights, justice, and America’s… | Read more »