New museum in Padua

On June 21st Museo della Padova Ebraica opened its doors in a former synagogue in Padua, Italy.  A multimedia experience together with an exhibition of Judaïca introduces the visitor to the jewish history of Padua. For more information: Jewish Heritage Padua      

Oshpitzin exhibit to be expanded

A new part of the Oshpitzin core exhibit to be place in the square in front of the Museum. It will contain stories of Jewish Oswiecim in the format of a graphic novel.

The weekend of May 16-17 the Jewish Museum and synagogue in Oswiecim (part of the Auschwitz Jewish Center) will host the annual night of the museums and will be on the route for this year’s Cultural Heritage Days in Malopolska region of Poland. Find more info online.

The next edition of the Advanced Curatorial Education Programme will take place in Budapest from 30 August until 3 September 2015. The Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives will host the seminar. The preliminary programme will be available soon. Staff members from AEJM member institutions working with Judaica or Jewish material culture are invited to register. AEJM Members may send on delegate each.

The AEJM Museum Education Seminar 2015 will take place from 11 October until 15 October in Vienna, Austria. The five-day programme offers various hands-on workshops, lectures, presentations and discussion sessions. The different Museum Focus sessions aim at creating a framework for mutual support by offering participants a platform to present new and innovative projects and to discuss specific challenges and case studies that they are dealing with in their daily work at their respective museums. The MES aims to enhance and… | Read more »