Mobility Programme

The Mobility Programme supports museum professionals from AEJM member institutions who are travelling across Europe to attend AEJM professional development and networking programmes. The Mobility Programme provides travel support for (international) return travels and is designed to support AEJM member institutions with limited financial means. Please note that only AEJM member institutions can apply, not individual members or individual members of staff.


In 2019 the following activities are part of the Mobility Programme:

  1. Museum Education Study Visit Sarajevo (May)
  2. Curatorial Study Visit Moscow (September)
  3. AEJM Annual Conference Ferrara (November)

What does the travel support cover?

The Mobility Programme is intended for covering transportation and accommodation costs only. Per diems are excluded from the sum. The amount is based on the calculation of your one-way travelled distance by straightest route. If applicable, overland routes by train and bus are preferred for environmental reasons.

When is the support paid out?

The travel support is paid after the AEJM activity and travel has ended and once all required travel documents have been sent to AEJM (tickets for inbound- and outbound travels and hotel receipts). Beneficiaries should furthermore have shared their experiences through an online report form. The financial transaction can take up to three weeks.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are considered only by AEJM member institutions that:
    – have limited financial means and fully rely on support to receive professional training;
    – have paid the 2019 membership fee;
  • Applications are considered only by AEJM member institutions for professional staff members, not for volunteers or interns;
  • AEJM Member institutions can apply several times, but only once per activity and only once per staff member;
  • Only fully completed applications will be taken into consideration for further assessment;
  • The deadline for submitting the application is a minimum of 30 days prior to the departure date.


AEJM evaluates applications based on the following criteria:

  • Eligibility;
  • Completeness of the application;
  • Motivation of the participant and impact on the applying museum’s practice.



  • Jewish Museum Trondheim (NO) – Museum Education Study Visit Sarajevo 2019
  • Auschwitz Jewish Center (PL) – Museum Education Study Visit Sarajevo 2019
  • Galicia Jewish Museum (PL) – Museum Education Study Visit Sarajevo 2019
  • Center of Jewish Cultural Heritage Maribor (SI) – Museum Education Study Visit Sarajevo 2019