Director of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Call for Applications for the Position of Director of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

July 2021

The Search Committee of the Board of Directors of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, invites applications for the position of Director of the Israel Museum which is the largest cultural institution, and the only encyclopedic museum, in the State of Israel.

Required qualifications include: proven management experience; knowledge and understanding of the fields of culture and art relevant to the Museum’s sphere of activities; familiarity with the museum world in Israel and abroad; experience in fundraising and in cultivating and building relationships with support organizations in Israel and abroad; and perfect command of spoken and written English. The Search Committee will give preference to holders of relevant advanced academic degrees, experience working with the public sector in Israel, and knowledge of Hebrew and additional languages.

Qualified candidates who display charisma, leadership ability, excellent human relations, high emotional intelligence, patience, tolerance, creativity, a high level of expression, rapid learning ability, and above all, a strong sense of mission for the Museum’s objectives, are invited to submit their current curriculum vitae by email, as well as the names and contact details of two references, to the Secretary of the Search Committee, Ms. Yael Shinar, at

The deadline for submitting applications for the position of Director is August 15, 2021, but the Search Committee may approve receipt of applications from candidates, at its discretion, at any time until its recommendation is formalized for the Board of Directors.

The Search Committee reserves the right to contact applicants, at its discretion, to request clarifications, verification of details, and any additional documentation or information that it deems necessary to support its examination of the suitability of any candidate for the position, as well as to require background testing by relevant institutions in the field.

The Search Committee makes no commitment to respond or relate to the applications of candidates whom it does not consider suitable for the position, and reserves the right to revise or cancel this call for applications at any time, at its sole discretion.

The Search Committee will recommend to the Museum’s Board of Directors one or more candidates whom it considers suitable to serve as the Museum’s Director.

The detailed job description of the Museum Director and the guidelines of the Board of Directors to the Search Committee regarding the procedure for selecting the next Museum Director (hereafter: “the Guidelines”), as well as the proposed employment conditions, may be obtained from the Secretary of the Search Committee, Ms. Yael Shinar, at the above email address.

The Board of Directors reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to apply criteria in its selection of the successful candidate that do not appear in this call or in the Guidelines, in order to select the most appropriate candidate for the position.

It should be noted that the above mentioned selection procedure is not a tender and is not subject to the Mandatory Tenders Law and/or the regulations pertaining to it.