Job opportunities

1. Collections Manager at the Jewish Museum London

Published: 12 March 2020
deadline: 27 March 2020

The Jewish Museum London is looking for an experienced full-time Collections Manager who will take responsibility for the museum’s wide-ranging Arts Council Designated collections of social history and Judaica as well as the recently acquired Jewish Military Museum collection.

The Collections Manager will be also expected to contribute to and support the museum’s temporary exhibitions. In addition, you will line-manage a number of Volunteers and work with colleagues from across the museum, as required.

For more information on the vacancy please visit the museum’s website.


2. Director of the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS)

Published: 17 February 2020
deadline: 6 April 2020

A competition is now open for selection of the Director of the Fondazione “Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah” di Ferrara. The appointment will be a fixed-term assignment lasting four years. Upon expiration of the term of office, upon reasoned decision by the Board of Directors and positive evaluation of the results achieved, assignment may be renewed, just once, for a further four years.

The Director:
– exercises planning, coordination and monitoring functions for all of the Museum’s management activities according to the guidelines determined by the Board of Directors;
– prepares the working budget and final budget, to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval;
– prepares the multi-year planning document and the annual program of activities to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and oversees their implementation;
– maintains contacts with national and international organizations and institutions to increase the museum collection through new acquisitions, organize temporary exhibits and promote cataloging, study, restoration, communication and enhancement activities;
– manages the Museum’s cultural program, making it a vital and inclusive place, in pursuit of the mission outlined in the Articles of Association;
– is responsible for the collections, their study, conservation and enhancement, authorizing research activities and publication of the materials on display and/or preserved at the Museum as well as the loan of the Museum’s cultural assets for exhibits or shows in Italy or abroad, following the guidelines laid down by the Scientific Committee and approved by the Board of Directors;
– is responsible for direct assignment or licensing of activities and public services to enhance the Museum, according to decisions of the Board of Directors;
– encourages private cultural donations, even through special agreements with cultural institutions and sites as well as with local authorities; to this end, it promotes awareness raising projects and specific fundraising campaigns, even through crowdfunding;
– conducts and promotes research activities and publishes the results, even telematically;
– after receiving approval from the Scientific Committee, proposes to the Board of Directors informational, educational, training and research campaigns related to the Museum’s mission and implements the same;
– attends the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee meetings as a non-voting participant; – provides advance authorization of the costs incurred by the members of the Scientific Committee to attend duly convened meetings;
– proposes to the Board of Directors the Museum’s opening hours so as to ensure the broadest possible attendance and also suggests admission prices;
– ensures high quality standards for management and communication, for educational and technological innovation, promoting active user participation and guaranteeing effective knowledge experiences;
– administers and controls the assets donated to the Museum and also ensures the relative conservation work performed thereon.

The ideal candidate must possess the following general profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree or 5-year degree, or equivalent qualification from a college abroad, preferably with specialization in conservation and management of cultural heritage, or economics and management of cultural projects. The educational qualifications obtained abroad must be recognized by the Italian government.
  • Specific knowledge of the history and culture of Italian Judaism and the Holocaust;
  • Several years’ experience in the organization and management of public or private cultural facilities, preferably a museum, or in prestigious assignments for scientific coordination;
  • proven professional qualification in the protection and enhancement of cultural assets;
  • experience in the management and organization of human, financial and instrumental resources; f) experience in fundraising;
  • several years’ experience in the management of institutional relations, both internal and external, and in international cultural relations;
  • experience in conceiving and implementing communications projects;
  • ability to use technology, in particular in relation to museums and cultural institutions;
  • good mastery of Italian and English and, preferably of Hebrew as well.

For more information on the position and on entering the competition, please read the official documents that are available as downloads at the bottom of this page.



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