Stories from Oświęcim

The Jewish Museum in Oświęcim has further developed its Core exhibit, “Oshpitzin: The Story of Jewish Oświęcim” by installing an outdoor component that continues the story of Oshpitzin into the square in front of the Museum.

The large metal triangle freshly installed on the square presents individual “Stories from Oświęcim” about prewar Jewish residents. Told as graphic short stories, these seven tales highlight the vibrancy of local Jewish life before the Holocaust.

The installation is visible from the Oświęcim Market Square and points toward the Jewish Museum, enticing visitors to view the complete exhibition there.

Inside the Museum, other triangles echo the external installation. Together, they make up a shattered Star of David, whose edges point toward the many directions of emigration for Jewish residents of Oświęcim.

The installation is on view permanently in Father Jan Skarbek Square in Oświęcim.