JEWISH MUSEUMS TODAY is a new initiative from the AEJM, aiming to provide its members professional with development opportunities beyond the existing professional development programmes for educators and curators. The series of interdisciplinary network meetings will offer research, exchange and discussion on current affairs in European Jewish museums.


Edition 2018
Warsaw Study Visit – communication & marketing of exhibitions with sensitive content

In January 2018 the AEJM and POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews organized a 2-day study visit to Warsaw. Using the exhibition Blood: Uniting & Dividing a case study, the programme explored various dimensions of the exhibition in relation to visitors, from visitors studies, to communication plans, to events and educational programming.

Read our report and programme here.
Presentations available in the Educational Project Exchange:
– Barriers and Drivers for Visitors with Children from the Aspiring Mainstream Segment
– Educational Programming
– Public Programming
Presentations available as downloads at the bottom of this page:
– Visitors’ Perspective
– Promotion
– Media Coverage



Edition 2017
Public & Space – network meeting on museum communication & marketing in Amsterdam

PUBLIC & SPACE was a two-day meeting that focused on communication at Jewish museums in Europe. Through this new network meeting the AEJM aimed at building up a network of museum professionals in the field of communication at Jewish museums, as well as supporting further professionalisation of this network. The programme was hosted by the Jewish Cultural Quarter in Amsterdam (NL).

The meeting in Amsterdam offered a varied 2-day programme that included practical workshops, site-visits and meetings with experts. The first day focused on the concept of Space: Transforming the Museum – how museum renewal offers opportunities for new communication strategies. The second day was centred around the concept of Public: Breaking the Barriers. Prior to the meeting an extensive tour of the Jewish Cultural Quarter had been offered. The 3rd optional day included behind-the-scenes expert visits to Foam Photography Museum and the Hermitage Amsterdam. Read our report here.

22 delegates working at Jewish museums from 13 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland) representing 16 AEJM member institutions, as well as 4 non-member organizations, attend PUBLIC & SPACE. Read the full programme here.

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