Rediscovery of a lost synagogue

A destroyed synagogue building in the old jewish District of Izmir has been recently discovered. The building is a synagogue according to testimonies of elderly people who used to live in the area. It was already destroyed in the first half of 20th century to their best memory. As seen in the pictures, dirt and junk accumulated within the abandoned synagogue.

The Jewish Community does not possess a title deed for this synagogue, but already is taking steps to claim property rights. We have also contacted the local authorities for its registration as an historical asset.
A debate is going on as to the identity of the synagogue. The district is called Sonsino, therefore this could be the Sonsino Synagogue once existed or Pinto Synagogue as the stairs near the synagogue were once called Pinto Steps (Escaleras de Pinto).

Studies and researches by the local scholars have started to identify it and information has been sent to Kiriaty Foundation of Tel Aviv which conducts it’s own research with the help of Israeli scholars.