The Maisel Synagogue in Prague, one of the impressive buildings of the former Jewish Town of Prague, reopened after a year with the new permanent exhibition Jews in the Bohemian lands, 10th – 18th century. The Jewish Museum in Prague – which includes the synagogue in its tour route – carried out preservation and restoration work on the synagogue and prepared a new permanent exhibition for its numerous visitors.

The exhibition and an unique virtual tour
The new exhibition draws on the latest research findings and makes the topic more attractive as a result of its new arrangement, its selection of exhibits and, above all, the inclusion of audio-visual and interactive elements. The exhibition seeks to convey the inner life of Jewish communities in the Bohemian lands and to show the diversity of their relationship with the wider society.Particularly worthy of note is the several-minute Flight Over the Prague Jewish Town based on Langweil’s famous model of Prague. This unique virtual tour will be projected onto a large screen in the main nave of the synagogue. It has been put together as a result of a collaboration by the Jewish Museum in Prague, the City of Prague Museum and the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT).

Coming up soon

The Jewish Museum in Prague has also planned a virtual tour of the Maisel Synagogue. Check out the virtual tours made so far: the PinkasKlausen synagogueSpanish Synagoge, the Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery.