44 family stories from prewar Oświęcim (Auschwitz) featured in the new Memory section of the core exhibit at the Jewish Museum. Among artefacts presented for the first time are personal objects of Shimon Kluger (1925-2000) the town’s last Jewish resident.

The project headed by museum’s curator Artur Szyndler, included historical research, renovation of the exhibit space and installation of new artefacts. Thanks to our contacts with survivors and their descendants around the world, we acquired unique artefacts and historical information which paint a fuller picture of the prewar Jewish life in Oświęcim, it’s destruction in the Holocaust and the failed attempt to rebuild the community after 1945 says Dr. Szyndler. We decided to give voice to the second generation of Holocaust survivors who remember their parents. Quotes from their testimonies are presented as comments for selected objects shedding more light on family life and struggles of Jews in our town.

“Memory” is new part of the core exhibit “Oshpitzin. The Story of Jewish Oświęcim” at the Jewish Museum.

Photo credit: Andrzej Rudiak