Vienna and the World: Our Visible Storage

Permanent exhibition
Jewish Museum Vienna

All of the major collections will be visible in the Visible Storage: the Jewish Community collection, the new acquisitions by the museum since the early 1990s, and the Berger, Schlaff, and Stern private collections that have been acquired by or donated to the Museum. Visitors are also provided with a new insight into the treasures of the Jewish Museum over the centuries. Through windows looking onto destroyed Jewish sites they will be able to take a journey through time and space, through Vienna but also through the provinces, the old monarchy, and Israel.

A 3D animation offers a virtual tour of Vienna’s former synagogues. For the first time the collectors themselves, including Max Berger and Martin Schlaff, and their aims will be presented. Answers will be provided in addition to the question of what the museum collects today and why, and how the present can be incorporated into the museum.

Curator: Gabriele Kohlbauer-Fritz
Graphic design: Stefan Fuhrer