Traces of Existence Karlskrona

  • 19th century
  • art
  • heritage
  • social history
  • history
  • cultural history

Karlskrona is full of Jewish cultural heritage. It is the multifaceted history of this place and the traces of the Jewish family Philip that illustrate the story of “Traces of Existence Karlskrona”. Digging through history, new light has been cast over the norms that characterize societies and the fears that rule, now as well as in the past. Judereglementet, the Jew regulation, which governed Jews’ lives in Sweden for a long time, and its tricky rules, are the focus of the story.

The exhibition and the project “Traces of Existence Karlskrona” starts in a sailcloth factory, established by Fabian Philip in in 1785. Through the Swedish guild society, and the norms of the time, we have come to meet another part of Swedish history. The history of the Jew regulation laws.

The place, the stories and the people are interpreted by artist Ulrika Sparre. Her artistic practice questions the link between the historical narrative and the contemporary. Blekinge Läns newspaper will show Ulrika’s work that links to places and events around the city during the four weeks of the project. Blekinge Museum will be the starting point for the exhibition.