“… tough, brilliant, unobjectionable …” The Writer Paula Buber (1877–1958)

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  • cultural history
  • post war history
  • 19th century
  • judaica
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  • holocaust
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The writer Paula Buber has often been overshadowed by her famous husband, philosopher of religion Martin Buber, whom she married in 1907. Born Paula Winkler in Munich, she distanced herself early on from her parents’ Catholicism and felt increasingly drawn to Judaism, declaring herself a “philozionist” by 1901. She later collaborated closely with Martin Buber on much of his writing, but she also published her own, independent literary works under the pseudonym Georg Munk.

The exhibition presents the results of a University of Augsburg student practical seminar, which in turn was based on dissertation research by Katharina Baur. It aims to familiarize visitors with Paula Buber, her life and her work, showing how this unjustly forgotten writer was influenced by both the exciting new religious movements around the turn of the century and her later experiences of persecution and emigration.

Location: museum branch in the former Kriegshaber Synagogue, Ulmer Str. 228, 86156 Augsburg

Opening hours for the duration of the exhibition: Thursday to Sunday, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

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