The City Without. Jews Foreigners Muslims Refugees

An exhibition of the Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia (JMAS) in collaboration with the State Textile and Industrial Museum Augsburg (tim) | in the rooms of the tim

Using historical and current examples from Augsburg, Bavarian Swabia and the Federal Republic of Germany, the exhibition shows how an increasing splitting of society can lead to the exclusion of individual groups.

The starting point of the exhibition is the movie “Die Stadt ohne Juden” (The City Without Jews, 1924), which is based on Hugo Bettauer’s novel and visualizes the stages of a process of exclusion. This development is not only located in the 1920s, as the anti-Semites demanded the exclusion of the Jews, but told up to the present day, in which foreigners, Muslims, refugees but also Jews continue to be marginalized.

The exhibition thus asks the question of whether and to what extent the social polarization and division during the years of the rise of National Socialism can, should, or even must be compared with the current situation of our time.