Selamat Shabbat: The Unknown History of Jews in the Dutch East Indies

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This fall the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam presents the exhibition Selamat Sjabbat – Malay-Hebrew for peaceful Shabbat – which tells the unknown story of the Jews in the Dutch East Indies. The exhibition takes the visitor on a journey to the beginning of the colonial period, the war in the Pacific and the post-war situation. Unique historical objects, photos from family albums and personal interview fragments make the stories from the Dutch East Indies in this exhibition come alive. Contemporary Indonesian Jewish life was photographed by Pauline Prior in early 2014.

It is for the first time that an exhibition pays attention to the Jewish life in the Dutch Indies and Indonesia, a relatively unknown part of the Dutch and Jewish history. After the war the Indo-Dutch memories were overshadowed by the Shoah. In the past decades the attention has increased for the Second World War in the pacific.

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