A Memory is a Memory is a Memory? Judaica from Kriegshaber Synagogue and the Surrounding Area

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Objects are in many ways bearers of memories and, as silent witnesses of different times in the past, they reference breaks in history’s continuity when their multiple facets are revealed. The twenty-three objects from Kriegshaber Synagogue, one of the two synagogue buildings in Augsburg that still exist, and the surrounding area, are also imbued with a variety of different memories.

Scattered around the world during the Nazi era, exquisite Torah silverware, valuable synagogal textiles, rare manuscripts, and other Judaica have temporarily been brought back to their heimat for this cultural-historical exhibition that is to run for four months. Here, they are reminders of the religious, cultural, and economic importance of this former congregation on the outskirts of the city that extended well beyond the boundaries of the rural Jewish community. In addition, they also refer to the individual memories of their former owners or of their erstwhile users and ask questions about how best to honor these memories today.

This new exhibition of the Jüdisches Kulturmuseum Augsburg-Schwaben in the former Kriegshaber Synagogue is held under the auspices of the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and President of the Organization of Jewish Communities in Bavaria, Dr. Josef Schuster. It is curated by Dr. Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Vienna; Prof. Dr. Benigna Schönhagen, the Museum Director; and Souzana Hazan, the Museum Research Assistant.

A catalogue in German and English has been published for the exhibition:
Benigna Schönhagen (ed.), A Memory is a Memory is a Memory? Judaica from Kriegshaber Synagogue and the Surrounding Area, Hentrich und Hentrich, Berlin 2018, 172 pages, ISBN: 978-3-95565-248-7, €25.

Museumsdependance Ehemalige Synagoge Kriegshaber, Ulmer Strasse 228, 86156 Augsburg

Opening times during the exhibition:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 2pm – 6pm | Sunday: 1pm – 5pm

Further information on the exhibition and the accompanying program of events can be found on our website: http://www.jkmas.de