Jews in the Caribbean. Four Centuries of History in Suriname and Curacao

  • cultural history
  • social history
  • etnography

Discover the fascinating Jewish history of Suriname and Curacao. It began four hundred years ago, when Portuguese Jews migrated there from the Netherlands by way of Brazil and New Amsterdam. This exhibition will present the lives of the Jewish communities in the tropics over a period of some four hundred years. It includes everyday objects, prints, and paintings by Frans Post and other artists, alongside many photographs and absorbing interviews with Surinamese and CuraƧaoan Jews. Individual portraits from the project ‘Suri-Jewish’ will also form part of the exhibition. In these films, Dutch people of Surinamese descent describe how Jewish culture influences their identity today.Next year the Jewish Historical Museum will take you on a journey to Jewish life in the tropics, to a society in which plantations, slavery and the mixing of cultures played a large role. For the first time an extensive exhibition will shed light on the rise and fall of the Jewish communities in countries such as Brazil, CuraƧao and Suriname.