Jewish Europe Today. An investigation.

A student project at the Institute of European Ethnology at the LMU Munich
Exhibition on Level 1

In summer 2014, as part of a research project, twelve students headed for different destinations across Europe on an ethnographical search. The focus of their trip to the seven cities selected was to investigate different forms of every-day Jewish life and identity in Europe. The students’ interests took them to such varied destinations as Istanbul, London, Budapest, Marbella, Warsaw, Umeå, and Reykjavik and, as different as the places they visited may be, the results of this project are heterogenous as well as multifaceted. The spectrum covers a Judeo-Spanish newspaper in Istanbul, the kosher lifestyle in London, and the quest for a “Jewish oriented” tourist infrastructure on the Costa del Sol, to the festivalization and touristic development of Jewish culture in Warsaw and Budapest, and a less easily locatable but nevertheless active Jewish culture in northern Europe. The research topic specified is questioned and answered from a student point of view.

Scenography: chezweitz GmbH, Berlin