Jewish Customs and Traditions, Part 2

Permanent exhibition
Jewish Museum in Prague
  • painting
  • art
  • history
  • heritage
  • etnography
  • social history
  • cultural history
  • religion
  • community

This exhibition deals with the history of the Prague Burial Society, an important religious and social institution of the ghetto that was founded by Rabbi Eliezer Ashkenazi in 1564. On display is the unique 15-part series of paintings from the 1770s that details the customs and ceremonies associated with death and burial. It also shows the silver ritual objects that were used in connection with this.

Among the unique relics on view are fragments of Prague’s oldest tombstones, dating from the 14th century. Also exhibited are memorial prayers for the dead and a map of preserved Jewish cemeteries in the Bohemian lands.

The second floor of the exhibition focuses on the actual organization, life and external representation of the Prague Burial Society.